Day-Visit booking form

Before filling in the form, please read our information page about day-visitors. Then please check this calendar first for availability and then fill out the booking form below it.
Only one group will be admitted on any one day.
if the calendar shows an astronomy tour, you may still book and come for that day, but you will need to leave by 5:30pm; if the calendar shows any other event at Lake-side, you either cannot book at all or only for hours well outside of such events (please check with us).
Day-visit bookings will be charged at $7.50/day/adult (incl gst) and we will have a minimum charge for 5 adults on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and a minimum charge for 2 adults during week days. Only one group per day will be admitted.
just because the calendar does not show any booking yet, does not guarantee availability, we may have received another booking hours before yours.
you can book day-visits only for up to one month ahead.

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