Camping Booking Form

Please fill in the below form to apply for a booking on any of our camp sites.
You can also use this form to apply for an event booking at Lake-Side (parties, marriages, workshops, conventions etc)
Bookings can be made for arrival dates up to six month ahead.

Long weekend bookings need to be for at least two nights and the camp site base rate will be 50% higher (but also includes 50% more adults).

Easter or Christmas bookings need to be for at least three nights and the camp site base rate will be double (but also includes double the number of adults).

Dogs, cats or other pets
Sorry, but we have adopted a policy to not allow any cats or dogs except registered guide dogs for the Vision Impaired, as we have no way of checking that the dog is actually on a leash at all times or ascertaining how well behaved various dogs are and this property is next to World Heritage and a very high value conservation zone with lots of small lizards and several endangered animals.
Cats and dogs are not permitted.
PLEASE NOTE: ONLY registered guide dogs, on-duty, for the Vision Impaired will be allowed and require prior written approval and verification of registration.

After we receive your below form, we will make a tentative booking for you and send you an invoice for your booking, usually payable within 24 hours. It will include a  Bond (which will be refunded if the site is left clean and rules are followed). Payment needs to be made by direct deposit into our account. We do not accept debit or credit cards.
Please be aware that we manually process booking forms in the order they are received and that even though the calendar may show a site as available, a booking form might have just been lodged. If that happens, we will let you know and offer alternatives wherever possible.
NOTE: We endeavor to respond within 24 hours to any booking inquiry. If your matter is more urgent or you fail to get a response within 24 hours, please call us on 0417193898 (or 0499620260).
Bookings should be made at least 24 hours before arrival to allow sufficient processing time.

IMPORTANT: We might accept another booking unless you effect and confirm payment within the specified time-frame. So please check your email frequently.

The calendar shows only the nights a particular site is booked.

Thank you