Climate and Weather

Our property is in the rain shadow of the great dividing range and often gets no rain even when it is pouring down in Cairns. We are in the first bit of dry country west of Cairns. Kuranda is still high rainfall rainforest country, Speewah is mixed forest and then comes dry sclerophyll forest at Davies creek and Emerald creek. We get about 1000 – 1200 mm rainfall per year, a lot less than Cairns or Kuranda. So we enjoy about 300 days of sunshine :-).
Nights are about 5 degrees cooler than Cairns, so bring some warm cloth, especially in winter.

Check out the BOM Radar for any current rain. Our property is where the “ee” of Mareeba Ap is.

Here you can find recent rainfall recordings. Our closest station is “Emerald Crest Alert” just above Mareeba.

And here you can find a detailed 14 day forecast for Mareeba which is our closest weather station

If you keep an eye on those links, you will soon realise that you can actually get away from the sodden rain at the coast by driving only an hour to enjoy sunshine at Emerald Escape Camping :-).