What other campers said

We thought you might be interested to hear what others have said about their experience at Emerald Escape Camping.
Which is why we created a feedback survey we ask all campers to please fill out after they leave our property.
Lot of thanks to those campers who have been kind enough to do so, and we hope it gives you a bit more of an idea about camping with us.
NOTE: no feedback has been deleted or edited, but to some we might add our comment.

We also ask everyone to share their pictures and you can find those at the bottom of this page.

Display_Name Please rate your overall camping experience at Emerald Escape Camping compared to other places Please comment on our property as a whole How would you comment on our customer service How did you find our toilets? How would you judge our prices?
Angela Adagra The best I ever had The property is beautiful with options for everyone. The directions were easy to follow and the roads were easy to navigate. We chose camp 8 as we love being in close proximity to the calming sound of running water. We’ve camped at Tourist Parks and National Parks but nothing has felt as secluded as this. We could have gone four days without seeing another human being had we chosen to. No problems with customer service at all! Emails were prompt and self explanatory. I didn’t find the booking system difficult as some people have done. All good. The toilet was clean and surprisingly not smelly! Its a really clever way to re-use everything we produce,. Good value for money
anonymous Better than most Fantastically managed. Excellent low intensity fire management = optimal biodiversity outcomes.
Very few weeds on roadsides. Presently, minimal signs of erosion.
Communication and service excellent, friendly, welcoming staff Clean, best view, only shaded spot! A fair price
anonymous Better than most A very easy to locate property, well signed as with the camp numbers. It was a very quite camp overall with no untoward noises to break the peace. The location and distance from home was exceptionally close so returning is made easily. As a single female, I felt very safe on the property. It appears well managed and the insistence of adherence to the code of conduct. The camp site was made flat so tent positioning was a breeze. The camp site was perfect for the number of people recommended at the online booking site. Excellent customer service. Prompt, polite and professional. Thank you. Clean, no smell, clear instructions for management and… the best view from a loo. A fair price
Rae Better than most Beautiful and secluded yet not far to Mareeba and Emerald Creek Icecreamery if you have the urge! The Big Lake was stunning and we saw some lovely birds. Road was easy for us in a 2 Ed, towing a campertrailer. Loved not seeing anyone around, felt like we had the whole property to ourselves even though knew there was others there. Very good. Was happy there was no smell. 🙂 Good value for money
Simon Better than most Great property, beautiful land and awesome camping sites. Very good. Very clean, private and very easy to use. A fair price
mark Better than most peacefull no problem with any of it very clean, easy to use, no smell A fair price
catherine Better than most It was an excellent get away from Cairns…easy,lovely,private great ..personal and prompt, warm and friendly pretty good for bush dunnies Rather pricey
anonymous Better than most Love the peace and quiet and escaping into nature! Easy and efficient communication before arrival. Perfect. A fair price
anonymous Better than most The property was well marked out, easily accessible with good easy to follow directions. Svargo was very prompt to emails and easy to contact. One of the best drop toilets used Good value for money
James Better than most Clean. No rubbish. No vehicle noise. Plenty of firewood. Communication is good. Website booking system is a little fiddly. Not smelly. A fair price
anonymous Better than most Organised Comfortably fine Good enough Rather pricey
David Better than most Feels like you are hundreds of miles away from everything even though only an hour from Cairns. Having your own site and not being able to see or hear anybody else is a very rare experience Amazing, almost instant replies to emails. Well designed, easy to use. A bonus when bush camping. A fair price
Melissa Average Good place to stay close to cairns. Svargo has been great. Great A fair price
anonymous Better than most Clean, quiet, close Very prompt Fine A fair price
anonymous Better than most Clean, suitable for school trip and quiet email was good – Would like to know the contact details of caretaker on the grounds next time as we dump into him walking out and he had no idea about us. [OUR COMMENT: they are on the camp notice board] Clean Rather pricey
anonymous Better than most Lovely environment. Very private, lots of space between sites. Good response time and very helpful. Clean, easy to use.
Love the view and openness
Good value for money
anonymous The best I ever had Its just beautiful place and private, really enjoy quiet and privacy in beautiful settings. very good clean and nice environment friendly A fair price
anonymous Better than most Maintained well. Easy to find campsites! Great interactions Easy to use. Simple instructions Rather pricey
Liana Average The property is in a beautiful area nestled between Emerald Creek and Davies Creek National Parks. We found some great wildlife on the property and would recommend it for nature lovers. All the campsites are spread across the property so we didn’t see a single person. It was such a treat to feel like we had the whole place to ourselves. Perfect. Clean and good to have A fair price
Luke Better than most Quiet and peaceful Nothing Toilets were clean and easy to use. A fair price
Linda The best I ever had Our camping weekend at emerald escape camping was just what we wanted from a bush getaway. It was peaceful, private, and beautiful . Absolutely stunning. Excellent customer service It was the first time we have used a compost toilet but it was easy and clean. Rather pricey
anonymous Average We had lovely time camping on the property. Excellent Clean, easy to use – unique only to my 12 year old son! A fair price
Odette Better than most We loved the property. Great bush and wildlife and it was so peaceful. Great. Applying to stay was quick and emails were sent quickly. I did think the website was a bit confusing in regards to working out how much our planned stay was going to cost. Good. Much better than bringing our own! A fair price
Peter Better than most Very nice. Quiet and well signed. Very good. Fast response to emails etc. Fit for purpose! Good value for money
Vaughan The best I ever had The position and location of the camp site was the best we have stayed yet. The view was amazing and the site was clean and private. The caretaker met us by chance when we arrived and he was very friendly and helpful. Emails and texts were always replied too. Very clean, and had a great view if you dont close the curtain. A fair price
Peter Better than most Three nights was not enough time, we should have stayed longer. There were so many wonderful moments, mainly because we had my daughters family with us. This included a five y.o. who had a wonderful time – always a good index of the facility. Emerald Creek is a pristine creek with abundant water in this dryer part of the year, and it was wonderful for us to be able to play in there. There was plenty of room for us to set up for two camper trailers with a communal eating area around the firepit. The ‘loo with a view’ was more than adequate for our needs. We really appreciated the sense of being the only people on this part of the world. We did not see another person and that spaciousness was greatly appreciated by every one of us. This was our first visit, and while we had heard good reports it definitely satisfied us in every way. I’m not going to tell you which site we were on as I don’t want it to booked out when we return for future outdoor escapes. And it’s only 1 hour and 15 minutes from our driveway. It was a totally wonderful experience. It was prompt, and exactly meet our requirements and expectations.
I was particularly impressed that you staff had cleaned and prepared the fire pit for us. The additional table at the site was a bonus and proved very handy.
More than adequate. We have no concerns about the toilet. A fair price
Kristen Better than most The drive through the property was breathtaking and tranquil. The gum trees and mountains were absolutely gorgeous.
We love to camp on our own and know that by booking your own camp site through Emerald Escape Camping you won’t be inundated with other campers or tourists.
Communication with Svargo was fantastic, and we appreciated the emails and help with our bookings, particularly as I had to reschedule due to sick kids the week prior. We didn’t use it. Understandably the composting toilet was quite smelly, however I could see that it had been cleaned and left tidy.
We brought our own toilet, which was handy as we were able to have it at our campsite rather than walk back up the hill. And the kids wouldn’t be scared to use it!
A fair price
anonymous Better than most Beautiful, peaceful part of the world. Lovely to explore with the fresh creek and variety of terrain. Excellent Good easy to use clean. A fair price
Sandrine Better than most We needed a quiet place to relax and it is exactly what camp 14 offered, thank you.
The signage to get there was very good.
Next time we will try another site, hopefully, one with a river next to it so we could swim and get water
Very quick reply to emails, thank you Fantastic, great idea Good value for money
Tracey Better than most Access to camp site 14 was a little tricky despite instructions as we crossed the dam wall we seen the turn off to the right there was no sign and thought it was a private access track only to go a few metres up and see the sign to site 1 to the left and emergency rd to the right so guessed we missed the turn off which we thought was a access track. Reversing back was not a option with a caravan in tow so took some time to turn around and then make a difficult turn into the now left side rd. Would be handy to have a sign saying access to camp 14 or from the junction at site 1/emergency rd which we later discovered. Amazing, prompt and efficient Amazingly clean, no smell, great views!!! Good value for money
anonymous Average Beautiful area, full of bird life Good Good A fair price
anonymous Better than most Such a beautiful property! We adore being here on this land and every opportunity it provides to gather. Such a magic opportunity to have space available also for such intentional gatherings in the community. Thank you! Appreciate and love Svargo. Awesome work! Yes – wonderful, of course 🙂 xx Good value for money
Russell Hawkins Better than most It’s easy to find – my car navigator got it right. Apple maps didn’t, but the directions are good.
First impression driving in is it’s a bit scrubby, but I’m not used to the vegetation in this region.
Definitely 4WD if towing.
Great location feeling isolated but only 15km from Mareeba.
Excellent response to my several emails, and the booking request.
One item on the site posted notes conflicted with advice on the website – it said “no collection of firewood”, while the website says ” take an axe ‘.
Also, I didn’t see any reference to the ability to buy wood on the website, which the notice did say.
Not reall good. Smelly, and the front shield was dirty enough to not want to come in contact with.
Easy to use and well located.
A fair price
Tracey Better than most Beautiful, quiet, private camping area. Easily accessible. Prompt and efficient When we lifted the toilet seat it was completely covered with thick spider webs with several large spiders despite clearing them they returned quickly the next day which was a concern to use. Good value for money
Michael Jeff Better than most Amazing view well maintained. Great overall. We had fun. Clean ecotoilet. Woods for campfire everywhere to pick up. Beautiful walks. Great sunset. Great stargazing. Great 4wheel driving tracks. Very private. Well distanced from other sites. great and prompt yes all of the above Good value for money
Simon Better than most Hilly bushland with not so much cleared land, well maintained tracks. Professional. Courteous. Bush drop composting dunnies, kind on the environs. A fair price
Rebecca Better than most Beautiful. Easy to find. Scenic. Communication has been good and fast. Customer service has been good.
Thank you!
Clean and easy to use. Rather pricey
Clayton Better than most The entire experience was simple form the beginning to the end, the property was well set out and while there were other campers noise was not an issue. if you’re into walking the Falls are well worth the effort. Our camp was 1 on the Big lake, and be sure to take a stand up paddle board or canoe.
spacious enough for 3 trailers, and large quick shade.
Cant fault at all. Unique, easy to use, if at a site with multiple people for extended periods would definitely require a change out. A fair price
Garry Better than most Fantastic spot. Will definitely return. Quiet secluded with a great host. Excellent Didn’t use Good value for money
anonymous Better than most Easily accessible from Cairns, nice and close for a short get away. very prompt replies, all good great bush view! clean, easy to use, liked the wheelie bin system A fair price
Sandy Average Good access to the lake, the top flat site was great although there are lots of meat ant nests throughout the entire camp and they love to bite.
We enjoyed that we had the whole camp site to ourselves and that we could not see or hear any other campers around us.
We enjoyed the catch and release fishing and would have caught around 10 little Jungle Perch.
We saw a possum one night and had a red kangaroo come down and visit near us every afternoon, plenty of bird life and a friendly resident snake.
We were also very fortunate that we were allowed an early checkin.
Super good customer service 🙂 Easy to use and suitable for the campsite A fair price
Prue Better than most A fantastic camping spot. We love that the camps are spread out and there are so many options! Fantastic! Toilet issue was fixed straight away. Staff are friendly and helpful. Great, but definitely need changing more often during busy times. Good value for money
Dani Better than most Loved our camping trip this Easter, the spot we camped at was perfect to fit us all and it was clean when we arrived and that’s how we left it. Loved the creeks nearby and the weekend away we had Lovely and easy service thank you very much Very clean, easy to keep clean and SO NICE have a real toilet! Good value for money
Nicole Better than most Nice place, good for an explore. Maybe provide a map? [OUR COMMENT: there is a map at each camp site on the notice board] Good but hard to manage that the rules about notifying who is going to be there three day out was tricky to navigate Good Good value for money
Daniel Better than most Wonderful property, plenty of wide open space. Creek and Big lake were especially good. Great with kids Svargo was great, no problems with service but I did have issues sending emails to him for some reason they do the job fine. Good value for money
Matthew Better than most Nice property, it feels further away from everything else than it really is.
It’s peaceful, nothing but nature!
Good communication, very prompt and helpful. Great views and good to know they are environmentally safe. A fair price
Patrick Better than most Great location, clean and well maintained Good to have a phone chat perfect A fair price
anonymous The best I ever had We loved our camping spot. It was so beautiful especially the little swimming hole near our site. It was like being in another world. The shelter with the roof and raised floor was a godsend in the rain. The large trees everywhere provided ample shade. The roads on the property provided spectacular views. The lake with the shelter in the middle was fantastic. So much wildlife kept us fascinated the whole time. Being so close to Mareeba was very convenient. Communications were very quick and efficient. The caretaker was very friendly and informative. The toilets reminded me of our life in Papua New Guinea. Good value for money
Brenton Better than most Place was fantastic, the Big dam is picturesque and the kids loved swimming and kayaking. The day use area looks fantastic and we really hope I can help to organise an event in the future with FNQ’S Mr Buckaroonie. Fantastic service. Clean and unique. A fair price
Display_Name Please rate your overall camping experience at Emerald Escape Camping compared to other places Please comment on our property as a whole How would you comment on our customer service How did you find our toilets? How would you judge our prices?
Kylie Better than most Fantastic location – close to Cairns to get away for a quick weekend. All communication was great. We were very thankful to be able to arrive a bit earlier in the day Toilets were all good! A fair price
Terence Purkiss Better than most Great spot, beautiful! Great communication thank you, although the emails are a little intimidating on first sight; lots of words and rules! Clean and easy Good value for money
Lea The best I ever had Great escape. Privacy assured. I am impressed by your environmental outlook. Keep up the great work. Communication good. Booking availability on website could be simplified. Very clean, enviromental friendly. Good value for money
anonymous Better than most 3 kids and I liked it straight away. Clean and 100 percent privacy. Fast enough and kind response. You can’t do better than that. Impressive. The best outside toilet in QLD.
Clean and easy.
Rather pricey
Anne and Gunnar Less than average What a disappointment. You charge 30 Dollars for two people and all you get is privacy and a toilet (a rubbish bin). No running water. No rubbish bin (apart from the toilet). No shower. NOTHING. You charge a caravan park price and provide a bush camp at the lowest possible level. Do not get us wrong. We do know what to expect when going bush but why do we pay the same price as for an average caravan park? For the dried-out lake which would be a health hazard just using the water for washing dishes? Or the countless rules people must follow just get 100 Dollar deposit back? Your booking process is overly complicated with endless forms and rules. We still thought to give a shot to be positive and booked a night with you in October 2020. Never again. How greedy can you be?
[OUR COMMENT: not everyone can be pleased or values privacy. With 14 sites @$30/ week we would be broke, not greedy]
You ask for a 100 Dollar deposit within 24 hours but you give yourself 3+ days before returning it. Clean for bush toilets. Way too expensive
anonymous Better than most Loved our camping experience. Beautiful, shady creek for our kids to play in. Thanks for having us. Great service Easy to use Good value for money
timothy Average Camp 3. Nice and quiet. Got a Jayco Swift in no problems. Drove the 4wd road to Emerald Falls in our 2011 Xtrail which has just over 200mm clearance no problems. Used the 4wd on a couple ascents. Excellent Ckean easy to use A fair price
Davina Brebner The best I ever had The property was very clean and tidy and our camp site was easy to find. Emails were quick. Site booking responses were quick. Easy to use and clean. Good value for money
Miranda Eade The best I ever had Awesome experience. Loved the two point on the creek. Camp 7 was huge and we could easily spread out. Loved that our camp was so isolated. Only saw management the whole 6 nights. The management we spoke to on the property were awesome, friendly and helpful. The emailing process for booking was quick and easy Unique and took some getting use to Good value for money
Amanda Better than most Fantastic place.
Feel so remote, but only an hour from Cairns.
Loved being on the lake. Creeks beautiful clear, cold water for a paddle, but not very deep this kind of year.
Good signage around the property for directions.
Roads marked as 4wd definitely need suitable vehicle.
Plenty of firewood.
Toilets clean & adequate.
Lots of birds to spot.
Not much fishing action in lake, just little fish & turtles.
Saw kangaroos & goannas.
Excellent communication for bookings & questions, thank you. Prompt & thorough.

Met caretaker one day when driving around, friendly & helpful.

Better than I expected.
Clean when we arrived.
Love the wooden structure.
Instructions clear.
Smelled sometimes, but usually not.
Good value for money
John Better than most Excellent campsites, well maintained and tidy. Very good. Fine for what it was. A fair price
Chrissy Better than most Your property is secluded and you feel so remote yet it’s only 1 hour from home. With beautiful waterholes and a choice of different styles of camping it accommodates everyone. Very good, prompt communication. Really good directions. They were clean and breezy. Good value for money
Mark Better than most Great setup with secluded camp spots Comms with the team was all good. Toilets worked well no smell. A fair price
Misha Better than most Property was well signed, roads in good condition, camping site clean and set up well. Very helpful and replied quickly to communication. Didn’t use due to short stay A fair price
SARAH The best I ever had Love this place, its so quiet and feels like you are away from everything, yet in reality only an 80 mins from home. Complete privacy, and well kept sites and grounds Excellent, very prompt communication and response time, including supporting changes and refund of the deposit perfect, clean, not smelly and spoilt in that you have your own! Good value for money
Abbey Better than most Really lovely property covered in bushland with lakes, billabong and creeks. Easy to find and very private camping. Great. Very prompt and comprehensive. Really easy to use and clean. No smell and I love how eco friendly they are. Cheap for what is offered
Josephine Better than most Beautiful, pristine, and amazingly quite, just the way nature intended. spot on. Surprised they did not smell, that’s a bonus, very unique, you don’t get a view like that every day out your toilet front door. A fair price
Amy Better than most We had yet another amazing escape. The serenity was perfect and there is absolutely nothing that we can fault. This was our second camping trip at emerald and we are looking to try out more spots on the property. The views and surroundings are are sight to see. Thank you again for the wonderful experience. Fantastic communication via emails Yes we had no problems at all with the facilities Good value for money
John Better than most Great spot Good Did not use A fair price
Claire Better than most The property was beautiful and the creek especially was pristine. So great to have this oasis so close to Cairns. Very prompt and helpful. Clean, easy to use and not smelly! A fair price
simon Better than most A lovely spot, we will return good unique, clean easy to use A fair price
Bruce Better than most What a fantastic place so close to cairns kuranda and mareeba but yet so far away! Fabulous creek and wonderful bush camp feel? We will definitely be back!! Excellent Unique! A fair price
Grant Better than most Fantastic property providing real Australian bush experience, plenty to see & do! Great communication pre & post trip. Adam (property manager) was really friendly and easy to chat with Clean, a little off putting at first for the women but really like the overall concept of lime/saw dust composting, a very smart solution Good value for money
anonymous Better than most INCREDIBLE! We absolutely loved this spot Awesome! I met the caretaker on entry and he was so lovely. Emails and communication have been fantastic Interesting! I cant say I’ve ever pooped in a wheelie bin before haha A fair price
Desmond Better than most The feeling of being remote, yet less than 1 hour from Cairns, magic! Faultless Great, so much better for the camper and for the environment. Clean and not at all smelly. A fair price
Phil MacArthur Better than most Conveniently situated close to Mareeba but quietly isolated and well separated camp sites. Plenty of bird and animal life with great access to water if requested. Good communication and Lee sounded very friendly and helpful when we stuffed up our booking dates. Would have been better if our booking was given the same discount as our guests. See above…….great set up! Interesting to know how full they become before they are emptied! A fair price
anonymous Better than most I loved the property and our camp site! So lovely and secluded from all other campers with lovely surroundings. Can’t wait to stay again and check out some of the other spots on the property. Very good Very clean A fair price
anonymous Better than most Property layout and condition was magnificent. Very easy to find with the provided directions. Layout and navigation on the property was clear and easy to follow. Plenty of firewood for collection around the property also, much to the delight of everyone in out group. Communication was fantastic. Emails were clear, concise and staff were very quick to reply. All correspondence was informative and gave all required direction/instruction. Toilet was easy to use and clean. Better than other full drop-dunnies I’ve used in the past. Good value for money
anonymous Better than most Excellent place to camp, beautiful scenery, lovely drive in, enjoyed the 4wd tracks but not too bumpy. Love how there was a day area lake as this is the first property I have camped on that had things to see other than camp spots. Would love the option to drive to emerald creek falls picnic area as we wanted to take eskies for lunch and bottles ect for our baby however, we did enjoy the adventure walking across the creek. Excellent, communication and booking. Caretaker was very polite and helpful. Best drop toilets we have ever seen, very clean. Good value for money
Steven Better than most Awesome spot with well set up camp sites Great customer service. Good communication from Lee in emails/texts and met Adam the caretaker and he was very polite and informative. Easy to use. Kids were a bit surprised by the set up. Good value for money
anonymous Better than most The property is quiet and well spaced out. Perfect for an isolated getaway. The booking system isn’t as convenient as most but it worked. A little different but they did the job. Had lots of ants around the toilet by the end of the trip. A fair price
Bryce Purden Better than most Fantastic. Clean and quiet, what else would you want. we met Adam and he was great. Very friendly and informed us of other empty sites we could look at. clean and no problem. Rather pricey
Justine Better than most Appreciated the privacy your camp site offered. Lovely drive through the bush to get to it. The bird life is amazing, must remember to bring a bird book next time. Toilet was clean, has a wasp nest in it but they didn’t seem bothered by us.
Great set up.
Response was swift and very informative. Very impressed. Was clean, minimal smell being a composting toilet.
Toilet was inhabited by a family of wasps, but the weren’t to bothered by us.
A fair price
anonymous Better than most Great. Easy to find. Beautiful. Quiet. Serene. Clean. For a business, contact is more suitable during business hours, not at nighttime. Also, the pressure to provide screen shots of payments was a little bit heavy. Surely bank accounts can be checked at your end to confirm payment received. Very stinky but bush camping is bush camping and it was better than digging a hole. A fair price
Darrell Average Very private Good Very good Rather pricey
Carah Better than most The property was beautiful and very diverse with flora and fauna. A great escape close to home. Communication was very prompt Certainly unique!! As we were fully self contained we didn’t need to use them. A fair price
Elyse Better than most We always love camping at Emerald Escape!! Listening to some dingos howling at night, spending the night spotlighting the wildlife and day trips to the falls to enjoy the freshest of water. All so close it can be a quick weekend trip, couldnt ask for any more! Always very easy to communicate with. Quick and easy. Great. Super appreciated. And definitely unique. I loved the branches used to frame the toilet blocks. A fair price
Tracey Better than most It was everything we hoped for. Natural, quite and a great learning and time-out experience for the kids. Fantastic communication and very friendly. It was clean and clear from insects and was 100% better than digging a hole in the ground. I felt safe when using it due to the raised platform and I liked the scenery. Good value for money
Trent The best I ever had We really enjoyed the peaceful privacy and natural surroundings. The crystal clear creek was very refreshing and we are looking forward to our next visit. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful property so close to Cairns. All correspondence was prompt and very pleasant. Clean and easy to use. Good value for money
Vee Better than most Beautiful property. Really enjoyable weekend activity and lovely area. Really good Clean, a little on the nose but I’ve used to worse, maybe previous users didn’t fully get the concept of the lime and straw?
Would be a bit concerned with only 2 toilets if there were 150 people at this particular camp
A fair price
Jodie Better than most Camping at Emerald Creek was a great experience. The property is really well maintained with the camping spots and day use area kept immaculate. We had a great time camping with the peace and quiet amongst the scrub on the creek, wildlife and all. Disappointed there was only minimum water but that isn’t everyones fault, that is nature and the weather!! Enjoyed the drives in the 4wd with everything marked perfectly, and no getting lost.
Had a great time and would recommend to other people.
Customer service was amazing. The staff interaction was great giving us ideas of what we could do to fill in our days with walking tracks and places to see. The toilets were a great idea. Never seen that before but they were nice and clean and well maintained. A fair price
Barry Better than most The property was great and a pleasure to camp at. Kids had a ball so did my wife and I. Excellent and helpful Clean and great having own toilets in camp site Good value for money
Lisa O’Mara Better than most Absolutely loved it… so peaceful and private and cool to camp at this time of year. We thought we would have to abandon our camping trip as it was raining in Koah but we had no rain where we camped. Thank you! Excellent very fast…thanks Sara Fantastic Good value for money
Chris Better than most We did not explore too far from the campsite but the directions to get to our camp were clear and easy to follow. Quick replies to emails. Very friendly. They were clean and easy to use. A fair price
anonymous Better than most We loved the location (not too far from Cairns) and the privacy of the property. Really felt like a nice escape from the day to day and something different to the usual campsite options. I was also pleasantly surprised by the toilet ‘facilities’ at the day use area and our campsite.
We were hoping to do some catch and release (barbless) fishing but upon arrival didn’t find the lake was suitable for shore-side fishing due to all the plant life in the water snagging the fishing line. This was a shame for us. I am sure, if we had a kayak or a platform that goes out further into the lake, fishing away from the shore of the lake would have been good.
Good. Available over phone and email and friendly. Good and clean. Easy to use. A fair price
anonymous Better than most Great location
Customer service was all good
All ok A fair price
Mark Better than most I can highly recommend camping at Emerald Escape for those that like bush camping but only have a short time to get away. The roads are well enough maintained and the toilet facilities were much better than expected. All round a great camping area without the need to travel far. Excellent. Very responsive. Very clean and no smell. Easy to use. A fair price
Sherry Better than most The property was amazing! Absolutely beautiful. Very good.
Emails were always responded too
Directions to camp site were fabulous
Easy to use
Good value for money
Catherine Average Great size, roads in good condition and can see it’s looked after. Beautiful bushland. Great communication. Horrible. Full. not enough lime or sawdust to last us the time we were there. Lots of flies for how full it was. One of our guests had to try and compact it to make more room to use. Good value for money
Display_Name Please rate your overall camping experience at Emerald Escape Camping compared to other places Please comment on our property as a whole How would you comment on our customer service How did you find our toilets? How would you judge our prices?
jeshneel The best I ever had It was amazing. Peaceful quite, serene. Two thumbs up! Absolute delight! Clean, easy to use. No issues. A fair price
Peter Better than most Like the privacy of individual camp sites, off main track, good signage, level ground, plenty of firewood Good communication Toilets were good I like a room with a view , good being airy and sawdust and lime seems to keep smell down Good value for money
anonymous Better than most Stunning property with an amazing creek. Awesome clean, easy to use. we needed extra sawdust. One of the toilet bins was leaking and got a bit smelly A fair price
Sarah The best I ever had Fantastic set up, 3rd visit now in a matter of months and love it each time Excellent, love the on line booking, simple straight forward and always processed with ease Love the toilets, didn’t think a pit toilet could ever be considered a luxury but to have your own is perfect, wish more sites could take this approach Good value for money
Todd Better than most Very beautiful secluded camping in lovely nature with lots of privacy. Excellent service. Quirky but amazingly odour free. A fair price
Lea Better than most Lovely little, private piece of paradise. Set in good old Aussie bushland. Campfire overlooking a cute Dam. Loads of birds singing happy songs. Prompt, polite service. Interesting. Glad to see environmentally friendly recycling. Clean and easy to use.
No smell!
A fair price
Roderic Better than most beautiful property and good access roads , nice change of landscape up the escarpment. exceptional great , clean and comfortable Rather pricey
anonymous Better than most love camping at Emerald Creek thank you. private & so natural & removed. easy to access & just enough facilities friendly & helpful thank you very clean & very good idea with lime & sawdust A fair price
Kathi The best I ever had A truly amazingly beautiful diverse property ! Very good Great…. Clean and easy to use and wonderful outlook!! Good value for money
Brian Average Good setup, easy access, close to Cairns.
There is room to develop more campsites close to Creeks while still maintaining privacy.
The communication via emails was very good. All instructions and directions were clear and easy to follow. The women thought the toilets needed an upgrade. A fair price
Tammie Better than most Beautiful property and feels remote and quite wild, even though it’s only 10 minutes drive to the excellent cafe at Jacques’ and Mareeba just 15 minutes away. The large lagoon is just magic and we loved sightings of birds of prey, jacanas with babies, herons and cormorants, as well as a couple of local bandicoots that came to visit each night. Quick and thorough Clean, easy Good value for money
anonymous Better than most Close to Cairns
Good access
Good signage
Limited camping on a large area
All great …. thankyou Clean and tidy as expected A fair price
Paula Better than most Property was brilliant Fast and explanatory Clean, not smelly and easy to use Rather pricey
Alison Better than most This place is incredible. We felt so lucky to have been able to experience camping like this. It is rare these days to be able to stay at a site where you don’t see or hear other people the whole time. All we heard was the sound of water and birds. Excellent. Svargo was very kind and so was the care-taker man who we drove past on our way out. Very clever and clean. A delightful view! 🙂 Good value for money
anonymous Better than most Excellent. Lots to do. Would go back in a heartbeat. Excellent. Amazingly prompt and helpful. Absolutely fine and appropriate. Rather pricey
anonymous The best I ever had A beautiful location, easy to find the location, close to Cairns, easy access by two wheel drive, beautiful creek/river and greenery. Great communication and service. Easy to use and good location. A fair price
Michael Better than most Was a great spot, so peaceful and secluded. Very well maintained and clean. Great! Good, best view you could hope for from the toilet. A fair price
anonymous Better than most A beautiful and tranquil property- a little piece of paradise being preserved in all the right ways. Very quick and clear communications. I appreciate the detail in all your communications. Booking page is a little difficult first time but gets easier with use. The best camping toilet I have ever used Good value for money
Sarah The best I ever had A fantastic location – feels like you are in the middle of no where and yet only 1.5hrs away from home and located between two national parks. Incredible set up , respects privacy and the land. Now our number 1 favourite location. A truly magical spot and cant wait to come back. Excellent – quick responses. Met the team on site by chance and were really friendly and knowledgeable of the land. Have to say brilliant. Perfect set up – I was apprehensive (have to admit as not a fully fledged bush camper with no facilities) and they were excellent. Clean and tidy, incredibly no smell and easy to “use”. Fair play to the set up and keeps the sites clean and prevents the use of the bush for #2’s! Good value for money
Erin Better than most It is a beautiful property. Customer service is very efficient. The toilet was great, one of our highlights! Lovely to sit up in the tree tops and watch the birds. A fair price
anonymous Better than most A great quiet getaway that’s close to Cairns. The property is very well maintained and I particularly like that there’s only 6 camp sites that are well placed around the property to ensure privacy. Great! Very responsive. Clean and straight forward. A fair price
anonymous Better than most We loved the peace and quiet of the property and how we felt so remote but it was so accessible. Excellent communication! It was an experience! The children didnt like them much ha ha A fair price
Katrina Better than most The country was lush and green and the whole property was looking beatiful. The billabong we camped on was full and teeming with bird life. The big lake had amazing day use facilities. Emerald creek was crystal clean and flowing well. Communication and email replies has been prompt, friendly and pratical with advice. I meet some of your staff whom were mowing and they were very considerate and friendly. A luxury for a seasoned bush camper. A fair price
Jasmine The best I ever had We camped at site 2 and even though it rained the whole time we were there it was still a fantastic site to stay at. That huge deck and shelter saved us for the weekend. So private and quite didn’t see anyone else which was amazing and one of the reasons why you go camping. Such beautiful landscape and surroundings. Would definitely come back to camp again. Hopefully next time when it’s not raining so we can do some swimming in the lovely creek The communication was absolutely fantastic. Everything and anything we needed or changed we had a reply within hours. The toilets were something we have never used before but one of the cleanest toilets we have used. So easy to use and very clean Good value for money
Matt Palka Better than most Spacious, mostly untouched natural setting, easy to get around, Great bush camping No issues Unique, clean, easy to use Good value for money
anonymous Better than most Perfect very quick response and very helpful Clean and easy to use a tap would have been great but ‘hey we are camping so not that big of a deal’ Rather pricey
Phil Harris The best I ever had Fantastic get-away for a few days, only 50 kms drive from Cairns CBD. Really like the fact that the sites are very well spaced from each other, don’t even know anyone else is around! Very good communications with email and sms see above message Good value for money
anonymous Average The property was beautiful and very private. We didn’t see anybody during our 30 hour stay. Very quick to respond to emails!!! Ick… used our own. Too many flies Way too expensive
carl natton Better than most Easy to navigate around, plenty of concise clear signs. well maintained facilities. Site 3 had a good sized level camping spot next to the dam. Good privacy, only noticed one vehicle passing by on the track above the camp site. Excellent night skies unpolluted by artificial light, even spotted a satellite. First class. no problems A fair price
anonymous Better than most We enjoyed our stay and look forward to trying out some of your other campsites see you soon Staff have been helpful Good A fair price
James Average Very nice and remote Awesome No dramas all good Good value for money
anonymous Better than most Very well organised good signage, good controls such as noise prevention and pollution prevention. really great thankyou Toilets were excellent, very clean. A fair price
Taylor The best I ever had Beautiful, relaxing camping ground that suited up to 20 guests. The stunning creek running behind camp 5 was a great cool off area to enjoy. Will definitely recommend to anyone wanting a relaxing getaway. Excellent Unique Good value for money
Bev Better than most The property is mindfully maintained natural bushland.
Camp sites have been set up with minimal impact on the surroundings.
Entry roads are well maintained.
Directional signage is good and the camping guidelines are clear and precise.I feel the property displays that a great deal of forethought went into how campers would impact on the natural environment. The collection and reuse of toilet waste indicates sensitivity to the nearby water source and thoughtful reuse of an unavoidable human by-product.
Email response friendly, rapid and concise.
Access and directions to camp sites comprehensive and clear.
Definitely unique, I was expecting a pit in the ground!

The sensitivity of collection so close to a water course is well thought out, and the concept of composting the waste for use on a separate part of the property demonstrates responsible care for the environment, and business sense.

Cheap for what is offered
Lynsey Better than most Camped at camp 2. Great spot with easy access to a beautiful creek amd amazing under cover areas.
The falls were easy to access from this site.
Quick respinse to emails and rext messages. Thanks Very clean and not smelly!
Instructions of use were easy to understand
A fair price
anonymous Better than most Outstanding customer service!!! A bit rough on the edges for younger children but otherwise good. Liked the clear instructions. A fair price
Alice Better than most Beautiful surrounding, good route description, clear signs, fantastic! Very good. Nice to have a text reminder about the race going on on Friday. Well remembered that it was our preference to be in a peaceful area. Perfect, clean, easy to use. A fair price
Caitlin Better than most We absolutely loved the property. We stayed at camp site 6 and it was perfect size for a couple to have a weekend getaway.
We loved the level of privacy and can’t wait to come back and try out the other campsites.
Replies to emails were always prompt.
Instructions and expectations were clear from the beginning.
Very professional.
Easy and clean. (Although there was a paper wasp nest in ours!) A fair price
Jackson Better than most Very nice property. Good use of space to separate camp sites to give feeling of privacy and not overcrowd. Easy to navigate within property due to good signage and directions in the booking email. My experience was very good. We booked last-minute (the same day) and Svargo was very helpful and went out of his way to make our booking immediately. Very good considering the type. They were clean and did not smell, although we only stayed one night with two people. I noticed some of the sites capable of hosting very large groups (up to 150) also only have one toilet which could be a problem Good value for money
Karin Better than most Fantastic property. You can see all the work that has gone into making this a great camping spot. It was very private and peaceful. Great to explore as well. Very responsive and easy to communicate with. Loo with a view! Good setup. Good value for money
Nigel Average Great property, excellent privacy and very accessible from Cairns. Plenty of opportunities for bird-watching, hiking, campfires, and solitude. Excellent – very responsive and clear communication. Clean and easy to use – Great views into nature when using. A fair price
Stephanie Average Beautiful Excellent Clean
Easy to use
Not smelly
A fair price
Bernadette Better than most Beautiful property, well maintained (but also left wild), and grateful to be allowed to share it. Prompt response, easy to communicate, well thought out and planned service. Best toilets ever. A fair price
anonymous The best I ever had It was very clean and the undercover area was great too very good unique – easy to use but were wondering how long it takes to fill up (jokes only don’t really want to know but I am guessing it is changed after each camping session) A fair price
anonymous Better than most Lovely property with heaps of things of to do close by Responsive to enquires Okay and easy to use A fair price
Paul Better than most Peaceful
Fantastic Good.. A fair price
Yvonne Better than most It is a beautiful place with abundant birdlife, spotted quoll and bandicoots. The river was bracingly cold but crystal clear and very picturesque. We enjoyed the walk up to the falls as well as the drive and walk at the large dam. Great! Clean, easy to use and definitely unique! Good value for money
Maree Better than most What a naturally beautiful campground. We spent four nights here as a large family group and had an absolute ball. The roof top A frame was a saviour to avoiding the rain. The creek, the walks, and the positive attitude if the owners were all bonuses!! Even the bush loo was well manitained! Thanks so much for all of your hard work.. it shows!! Oh.. amd we saw a quoll too!! 5 stars! Excellent! A fair price
Angie & Phil Better than most Just what we have been looking for, 5000 peaceful acres and only 50km from where we live in Redlynch! We found ourselves whispering in the campsite as it was incredibly quite with just birdsong in the background. Excellent communication, very clear and detailed website, prompt and efficient booking experience. Unique idea with the wheelie bin container, ours looked a little bit ‘full’ and there could possibly be a bit more distance between the seat and the ‘product’ as with a traditional long drop toilet setup… Good value for money
anonymous Better than most Great place to unwind and relax. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would recommend it to others. Excellent All 3 above Good value for money
Renee Better than most Expansive but accessible, rolling hills to cool clear creeks Excellent Clean, easy to use, & in a building style that suits the surrounds A fair price
Elyse Fitzpatrick Better than most Absolutely loved it. It was clean, spacious and very private. Camp 6 was awesome. We had a view of a storm rolling in, trees to hang the hammock in and lots of wood for the fire. Maybe a couple of branches could be cleared to increase the view but its the bush so that barely registered as an issue. The loo with a view was clean. The picnic creek was beautiful water to swim in aswell. Looking forward to trying some of the other camp sites out. It depends what you look for in a camp site but we love the bush, so this was perfect! Super fast, very polite and very informative. A++ All of those things. Well supplied with lime and sawdust. Clean, easy to use and definitely unique. We had a loo with a view and it was great. Good value for money
Michael Better than most Lots of space privacy and tranquility. All good. The proverbial aussie dunny. But not smelly with an awesome view. Good value for money
Paul Spencer Less than average The property is nicely situated close to Cairns offering the real Bush Camping Experience. Located between Davies Creek and Emerald Falls is great for those who can hike to the waters of these two beautiful places.
Emerald Escape does offer privacy which one would not get at other places but does comes at a price. The area is dry but does have a few dams and a creek which are not good for swimming unfortunately.
I only had two problems with your Customer Service in having to remind you to return my deposit.
Plus I was accused of using timber in the fire pit larger than the pit itself. I only burnt wood that was bought in a 25kg bag bought from Bunnings plus the left over wood left in the pit. I would recommend to all Campers to take a picture of the site as one leaves it for proof. When I did mention this to you guys about the Timber I burnt I received no response. Left a sour taste !!!
Otherwise all other communication was excellent.
I have made response to the toilets above for the Ladies. Way too expensive
Rebecca Better than most Property was well kept. The A-frame was very useful and made our camping experience more comfortable. The toilet was clean and well maintained (not stinky at all). It was great having the extra chairs provided at the site as some of us did not have camping chairs. The day use area at the lake was incredible and the use of kayaks and kite boards was very thoughtful and enhanced our experience! Really happy with responds times of emails and friendly nature of Svargo’s emails. The toilet was a nice experience. It was clean and pleasant to use. We had no complaints about the toilet. The lime really worked to kill the smell. Good value for money
Brooke Better than most A fair price
anonymous Better than most Good value for money
tim Better than most Rather pricey
Display_Name Please rate your overall camping experience at Emerald Escape Camping compared to other places Please comment on our property as a whole How would you comment on our customer service How did you find our toilets? How would you judge our prices?
Photos taken around our property or at the falls by our visitors. Thanks to the happy campers who shared them with all of us.
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