Things to do on our property

There are lots of interesting and different things you can do while camping with us on this amazing property:  

  1. Swimming and canoeing at your private camp site on the lake or at the day area on the big 25 acre lake
    You can bring a canoe or paddle-boards along or just swim out to our pontoon.
    All water activities are at your own risk, keep an eye on your children please.

    Please feel free to pull out the water weeds and lilies to create / keep a clear channel into the lake
  2. Cool off and play in the creek
    either at your isolated and private camp site on the creek or at the upstream (4WD) or downstream (2WD) creek day areas. No matter how hot the day is, its always cool down at emerald creek 🙂
  3. Easy walks
    Here is a map with a couple of really easy relaxing walks
  4. Moderate walks
    And here is another map giving you the option of three moderate walks offering great views. One is to Adler Hill, the second to Flat Rock Lookout and the third is a loop through the Brindle Valley. These can also be done by mountain bike.
  5. The Full Loop walk
    Well, actually the Full Loop walk covers less than half of our property and is only 12 km, but still a long walk, which takes you through different landscapes while offering some great views :-). You can incorporate Emerald Falls and / or Adler Hill into this walk. Mountain biking is an option.
  6. Challenging & very rewarding hikes
    You can hike up Brindle Creek or up the escarpment to our boundary with World Heritage for some amazing views…
    Either just to Boulder Cave, or right up to Og’s Brow or Mount Tiptree or upstream Brindle Creek.
  7. Rogaining
    Teach your children how to use a map and a compass on our two private Rogaining courses (all the instructions are there). One is for beginners and the second for more advanced Rogaining.
    Form teams and see who is faster or gets more points
  8. Mountain biking
    Our tracks are a world-renown mountain-bike paradise
  9. Bird/ animal watching
    Without even the smell of dogs or cats, our native wildlife relaxes and abounds.
    we have endangered northern bettongs, northern quolls, waterfall frogs, two resident eagles, red goshawks and northern masked owls. We have rare tiny lizards, big goannas, frill-neck lizards, platypus, interesting and rare insects and so on.
    On one occasion, an avid birder has spotted 98 birds from 27 different species in just three hours, on another occasion 209 individual birds from 41 species were observed in 10 hours.
    Please email us your reports of birds or animals seen and pictures of any wildlife you encounter 🙂
  10. Citizen science (find, identify and record interesting animals and / or plants)
    For example you can join a national research effort to find and record orchids.
    There are several rare plants and animals on our land. We’d love you to please share anything interesting you find with us (by replying to our camping booking emails).
    See whether you can find any bush food or medicines on our country (HINT: there are plenty) and if yes, email us the picture and its uses. Help us create a resource.
  11. Finding evidence of historic indigenous occupation
    We have found some evidence already, mostly scar trees, like this one which was probably used to make a shield or coolamon.
    Please take a picture and let us know what you found and where.
  12. Learn about indigenous burning
    With the help and guiding of Victor Steffenson we have been practicing indigenous inspired land management since early 2019 by burning the right country at the right time (we do mosaic burns during most of the year). Look around and see whether you can notice the difference between areas recently burnt, burnt one or two or three years ago, never been burnt before, or which had hot wildfires go through in the past. What happens to the small and big trees, the weeds and the grasses, the bush foods and medicinal plants?
    Watch this episode of Australian Story to get a good background on Victor’s work (some is shot on our country).
  13. Look at the stars
    Without bright lights, the sky is so stunningly beautiful.
    See whether you can identify some of the western star signs or find the dark emu and other Aboriginal star signs. Here is the story of the dark emu.
    If you want to learn more about the stars and marvel at nebula, galaxies and star clusters through a large telescope, you can book an astronomy tour on our land with Ian from Night Sky Secrets.
    Tours usually run from May to November, starting 6.30pm with a hot meal and last about 3 hours and include Aboriginal astronomy stories whilst enjoying tea brewed over the campfire. Private tours can be arranged.
    Mention that you are a camper to receive a discount.
  14. Enjoy your very own camp fire
    Its the oldest and most mesmerising TV there is, and you can cook in the coals and roast marshmallows. See whether you can start your camp fire the indigenous way without any paper or fire-starters.
  15. RELAX and ENJOY the peace and quiet of your secluded and private camp site, giving you the feeling of being immersed in nature with no-one else around 🙂

If you have any other suggestions what people could do while camping with us, please do let us know, thank you.