Code of Conduct

Please observe the word and spirit of camping regulations and the rules established to protect everyone’s enjoyment of the outdoors.

By entering our property, you agree to act responsibly and at your own risk and adhere to this code of conduct. Failing to do so may forfeit all or part of your Bond and you and your guest may be required to leave.


  • Please practice courtesy and politeness because they are the soothing oil which enhances everyone’s camping experience.
    Consider others at all times, respect privacy and minimise noise and artificial light
  • Demonstrate a responsible attitude towards safety.
  • Offer help and the hand of friendship whenever possible because:-Friendliness and sharing is catching. Tolerance, consideration and caring create the relaxing atmosphere you would like to have for your holiday.
  • Relax, have fun and enjoy your stay as our Guest.


  • All camping areas are designated quiet zones from 9pm onwards. No loud music, amplified music or disruptive behaviour will be tolerated. (if you can hear noise from your camp 50m from your camp, please ask your guests to turn it down)
  • Before using a generator or amplified music (including car stereo) check our website for current rules. Do not use them without explicit permission given on our website, or in writing directly to you.
    Most days and times artificial noise will not be permitted.
  • All members of any camp site causing disruption will be evicted from the property, no warnings given.
  • Respect the privacy of other campsites – do not enter any camp access roads without a valid current booking or an invitation by the person who booked that site, and keep at least 50-100m away from any other camp site. – RESPECT PRIVACY!
  • Do not enter any fenced paddocks without prior written permission.
  • Drinking any of the water in the creek or the dam is at your own risk.
  • No quads, motor-bikes, fire-arms, bow & arrows, motor-craft, chainsaws, or any other noisy or dangerous items to be brought to or used on our property except with express prior written permission
  • Consumption of alcohol in moderation is permitted. Intoxication and/or offensive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and offenders may be asked to leave.
  • We are opposed to the use of illegal substances (drugs) by any person on our land. Persons found doing so within this property will be reported to the police.
  • Check-in time is after 2pm, check-out time is before 11am
  • Please advise us with a short text when your party is about to depart.


This is the home to many native plants and animals including several endangered ones.
Please be aware that you are on land that is almost pristine and had very little human impact.
Please keep it that way, thread lightly on this land and leave no trace.

  • Treat this land like a national park, enjoy it and take photos (please feel free to email us your best pics for our online gallery), but do not remove even the smallest part of it without our prior written permission (you may email or call us).
  • Do not kill or hurt any animal, break, damage or remove any vegetation, screw or nail into trees or use chainsaws use without prior written permission.
  • Do not actively or passively feed any animals on this property. Please remove all food-scraps and take them with you.
  • Strictly no fishing in the creek, at the dam catch and release fishing only (please report catches or send pics so we learn what’s in there). No crab-pots permitted.
  • Shower, wash dishes and dispose of waste water in designated greywater pits/places only, no soaps or waste-water into the creek or dams.
    All cleaning/washing shall be done at your camp site out of sinks, buckets or billies etc after carting water from the tap, the lake or the creek.
  • Campers must keep their campsite and all areas and facilities used by them clean at all times. Remove all of your rubbish, including all cigarette butts and all organic food-waste (it would attract animals including aggressive and painful meat-ants so please consider future campers). Leave sites as clean, if not cleaner than they were found.
  • Cigarette filters do not degrade and possibly affect wildlife for thousands of years.
    Never throw a cigarette butt out, especially while driving (fire-danger!). Please bring a small glass jar (or the likes) along to put all your cigarette butts into and take them back with you.
  • Do not defecate in nature, use only the designated toilets!
  • Our toilets are composting toilets, so no in-organics into the toilet – no wipes, nappies, tampons etc (put those in a bag and take them with you)
    No food scraps into toilet either (they’d attract ants and rats)
  • Do not use any sunscreen containing oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene, they are very harmful to the environment and kill corals in minute quantities
    Please use only simple zinc sunscreens, ideally coated, non-nano (larger than 150 nanometers) zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
  • No pets permitted without prior written agreement (you can give them a holiday at the Kuranda pet resort)

FIRE AWARENESS & Bush fire prevention and preparation

Please be aware that this is dry forest and has a high fire-danger rating, so please be very fire-conscious and exercise extreme caution with fire. The following are conditions you are required to follow before lighting a fire and until such fire is totally extinguished and doused.

  • Check current fire-danger rating and do not light any fires if a total fire ban is in force in the Mareeba Shire
  • Light any fire only in designated camp fire-pits/stone circles; never leave unattended; extinguish thoroughly before leaving or going to sleep.
  • Before lighting any camp fire, remove all dry grass, leaves and vegetation for at least two meters around the fire-pit.
  • Before lighting any camp fire, make sure that at least two buckets (or containers with at least 20 liter capacity) full of water and some rags or towels at the ready. If needed, use rags, towels or sheets dunk in water to extinguish fire.
  • Do not use any wood longer than the fire-pit is wide
  • Do not throw rubbish or anything else but wood or paper into the fire-pit.
  • Keep fires small and do not allow any sparks to fly from your fire
  • Be very careful with any gas stove/barbecue and ensure an appropriate area is cleared of any leaves and branches before lighting them.
  • Never throw a cigarette butt out, especially while driving (fire-danger!). Please bring a small glass jar (or the likes) along to put all your cigarette butts into and take them back with you.
    Cigarette filters do not degrade and possibly affect wildlife for thousands of years, please consider them.
  • Do not use any angle-grinders (many fires have inadvertently been started by them)
  • Ensure that your vehicles are parked in a way which enables speedy evacuation.

Any out of control fires must be reported immediately to the camping care-taker and the rural fire brigade (for their phone numbers see your camp notice board)

Motor Vehicles and Traffic

  • No Vehicle is permitted to enter the property without its make, model, colour and rego being registered with management prior to entry by email. Vehicles not registered with us first will be charged with trespass and fined.
  • Maximum vehicle speed on the Property is 25 km/h, slow enough to not whirl up any dust.
  • Motor vehicles must be parked at the authorised parking areas only. Please ensure you are not blocking/inconveniencing anyone or possibly restrict access
  • Public road rules apply.
  • Observe all road signs
  • No vehicular traffic is permitted on roads reserved for our tenants (in dark fuchsia on property maps at each camp site) marked with PRIVATE – NO ENTRY signs
  • No motor vehicles are permitted on roads reserved for walkers and push-bikes (in light blue on property maps at each camp site), marked NO MOTOR VEHICLES
  • Please be aware that our roads are usually only one-lane and that someone may come driving, riding a bike or walking the other way at any time or an animal might cross the road.
  • No joy-riding, vehicles are to be used only to get to and from your camp site and day-areas.
  • Always close all external gates (main entry gates) behind you, even if found open; please leave internal gates as you find them.
  • Drive carefully and to the conditions

Emerald Escape Camping would like to thank you for staying with us. We hope you enjoy the silence and the nature here and we wish you a pleasant journey and hope to meet you again in the future.