Covid-19 Health Management Plan




We operate 14 camp sites which are spread out on our 6500 acre property.

Since each camp site has its own toilet and can be booked only by one party there is no risk of real-time shared facilities at the camp sites themselves.

There is a potential risk of virus being deposited by one person and and then being picked up by another person at the lake day area (RISK A), its toilets (RISK B) and at the entrance gates (RISK C).

There is also a small potential risk of transfer between campers following each other at any of the camp sites (RISK D).



RISK A – lake day area
we do no longer permit any campers to use the tarp area with table and seats.
This is communicated in our emails to campers and by signs at the tarp area (see below).
Star gazing tours are allowed to use this area, but need to disinfect it before and after use.

RISK B – lake-side toilets
provide tissues and disinfectant and put up sign (see below)
Note: this is a minimal risk as these toilets are very rarely used

RISK C – entrance gates
we have put up signs and communicate to all campers by email that they need to use tissues to open and close the gate (see below).

RISK D – consecutive campers at any of the sites
This is a potential risk only if bookings are within four days of each other as that is the time the virus can survive on smooth surfaces like tables or toilet seats.
In the extremely rare cases of bookings being less than four days apart, the camping caretaker needs to be extra careful when disinfecting surfaces.



Additional to any normal camp site maintenance after campers leave the camping caretaker is to spray disinfectant onto and / or wipe the following surfaces and items with disinfectant:

– the toilet seat

– sawdust bucket, lid and scoop handle

– lime container, lid and scoop handle

– table and chairs



When emailing the directions and our code of conduct to each customer, the following paragraph about corona virus rules shall be included:

Corona Virus Rules for your stay at Emerald Escape Camping:

– When opening and closing the gate you need to use a fresh tissue to touch the gate and catch and then take that tissue with you.

– From now on until further notice campers are no longer permitted to enter into or use the big tarp with tables and chairs at the lake day area or enter into the grassed area around it marked out by rocks and logs.

– Campers may still access the lake for canoeing or swimming from the marquee on the waters edge, but physical distancing rules of 1.5m minimum apply in that shared area as well as in the creek-day areas.

– You need to observe any and all QLD Health directives while on Kanjini Co-Op property



at the lake-side day area we have put up signs saying:
“To minimise corona virus spreading
campers are no longer permitted to enter this area, please use the marquee on waters edge instead, thanks”

at the entrance gates we have put up signs saying:
“To minimise corona virus spreading please use a tissue to open / close this gate and then take that with you to bin it. THANKS”

at the lake-side toilets we have put up a sign saying:
Please use tissues to open and close doors & toilet lids.
Please disinfect and wipe the toilet seat before and after use.
Thank You”