Camp 5


Camp 5 is situated on a very beautiful spot on Emerald Creek (see map below) in an area of tall shady trees along the creek. There is a refreshing waterhole and an island in the river right at the camp site. It has a sizeable lower camp area (or day area – see “lower camp area” image and map below) and two even larger upper camp areas. Suitable for medium and larger groups with up to 10 vehicles and 30 people; 4WD only, but trailers are possible if driver can reverse them to turn around. This camp site is very shady and cool in Summer and ideal for bird watchers.
NOTE: in very wet conditions, trailers might have problems getting back up the first steep bit of the exit.

Size: Medium to large camp site right on the creek. It has one large (~180sqm) area (A) near the creek and a very large area with flat ground a bit higher up (including B ~200sqm, C ~120sqm and D ~20sqm in the above map), as well as some nice spots along the creek to spend the day in the shade by the water.

Access: 4WD, small and medium Camper Van, Camper Trailer (very good reversing skills required).
NOTE: Camp 5 is situated at one of our creek crossings. This crossing might be used occasionally by our farm or management vehicles or by Ergon when servicing the powerline (a very rare occurrence). You are not permitted to drive across the creek.

Occupancy: This site can be booked for less, but will be charged for a minimum of 4 adults.
Suggested occupancy up to 30 people and 10 vehicles.

Privacy: About 90 meters from a farm road, 370m from closest road accessible to vehicles of other campers and ~800 meters from closest camp site (all as the crow flies).
The creek crossing at camp 5 might be used occasionally by our farm vehicles or Ergon powerline maintenance vehicles. Campers are not permitted to drive any motor vehicles across the creek. You may walk or ride push-bikes across.

Activities: Bird watching, Creek Dipping, Bush Walking, Mountain biking, cocktails in the creek :-), …..

Camp 5 is in our Medium Pricing Category

NOTES: all prices are per person per night.
The base rate includes 4 adults or child equivalents (or 6 adults for long weekends or 8 adults for Easter)
Click here for more info on pricing (eg fees for children, long weekends, possible discounts etc).
A Bond of $100 or 30% of camping fee will also be charged, which is refundable if Terms and Code of Conduct are adhered to and no littering occurs.


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Camp 05: FULL

Camp 05
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Tamara 2-1,cT

Camp 05
2023-12-09(1 event)

Camp 05: FULL

Camp 05
2023-12-08 2023-12-09

Tamara 2-1,cT

Camp 05

Important Note: bookings may not show until paid for. Just because the calendar shows no bookings for a certain date, this does not guarantee availability; we might have received a booking application which is being processed or awaits payment

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More Pictures:

Lower Camp Area
Cool shady Emerald creek
Beautiful big old tree

Here are some pictures kindly supplied by campers who used this site:

Visitor's photos of and around Camp 05. A big THANKS to the photographers 🙂

And here some feedback kindly shared by previous campers at camp 05:

Display_Name Star Rating Please comment on this particular camp site What camping set_up did your party use? How well was this site suited to your camping set_up? How does this site compare with other camp sites you have been to?
anonymous 4 Large site with privacy medium-trailer Just good enough flat area to set trailer and gazebo. Its better than most
anonymous 5 We keep coming back to this camp site – access to creek
– shady
– flat areas
large-tent,small-trailer No issues Its one of the best
anonymous 5 nice large size camping site with two separate settings, located along beautiful creek. small-tent the last part of driveway was bit struggle for AWD. Its one of the best
Liana 5 Camp 5 is a terrific campsite situated next to a beautiful creek with (very cold) swimming holes. Highly recommended. small-trailer Camp site was perfect for our set up. Its better than most
Kristen 5 We met Scott the ground person when we arrived at the camp site #5, who was welcoming and friendly.
The campsite was clean, private and close to the creek. We liked that we had options on where to park our camper trailer to suit our needs. There was ample shade and the creek was simply stunning. The kids even swam despite it being freezing in the water!
We brought our own fire bucket, wood and toilet – so didn’t use the facilities.
The camp toilet had some interesting smells wafting through the campsite every now and again, but it didn’t affect our camp experience.
The camp site was free of any rubbish which we really appreciated.
[OUR COMMENT: apologies, our toilets normally do not smell at all]
medium-trailer We found the site fantastic and were able to reverse our camper trailer to the bottom camp area OK.
We used the grey water pit for our water as directed.
Its better than most
Simon 4 Private site, close to the creek, shady and flat, good for bird watching. small-tent Perfect for setting up a tarp, trees good to attach shelter to, plenty of spots to pitch a tent. Its better than most
anonymous 5 The sites layout provided fantastic privacy and allowed more than ample space for the kids to keep themselves occupied. Located adjacent the creek, it was a short walk for collection of water. The campground felt safe and secure. Perfect protection from the elements with excellent cover. More than enough space for our tents, marquee and utes. medium-tent Ground was level and easy to set up on. More than enough room and with the multiple areas dedicated to the camping spot allowed the kids to keep themselves entertained away from the main setup/sleeping space – great for the adults to get a little quiet time. Its one of the best
Lisa O’Mara 4 A nice cool camp by the creek and very private and walks around. Toilet was great thank you. Would have liked a deeper swimming hole but then again was happy no matter what. swag Very good…lots of room Its one of the best
anonymous 5 2nd time at camp 5 for me and first time for 2 other couples.
We all like the location, privacy and the creek
We will be back again
small-trailer,medium-trailer No issues
Maybe a bit tight to turn around campers but we managed in the finish
Its one of the best
Mark 5 Campsite 5 was excellent. It was very clean when we arrived. The creek was an excellent place to cool off during the heat of the day. It felt like we were a million miles from anywhere and we never heard any other campsites. It was a perfect campsite for families as the creek was far enough away to be safe with young children. small-trailer We didn’t have any difficulties at all. Plenty of room to put the trailer in and still have a lot of space to move around. Its the best
Catherine 4 Great privacy. Great creek, good shade. Creek was a little hard to get to for younger children with all the small rocks. Toilet was horrible, was full when we arrived and we needed to use it for 11 people for 5 days.
[OUR COMMENT: sorry about the toilet, but it is uneconomical to empty them when they are still half empty and it was still far from overflowing after you left]
large-tent,medium-trailer,medium-tent Was a little smaller than expected as we had to set up considering the trees. Was a bit bit crowded in the end as we all wanted to set up in the spot closest to the creek, not up higher. was then harder to find places to set up to solar. Its average
anonymous 4 Loved being close to the creek. Was nice that even in Winter the creek was flowing and healthy ecosystem, lots of wildlife. Site was large enough for our camp but I am not sure it would comfortably fit 30people as advertised. Toilet was clean and appreciated that it didn’t stink. Peaceful and tranquil feel, loved being able to hear the creek flowing at night. medium-tent,medium-trailer It was difficult to reverse the camper trailer into the bottom section of the site, however we are aware that it was advertised that it was suitable only for skilled reversing. Perhaps a sign could be erected saying it is not possible to turn around down the bottom of the site, so people are aware to reverse trailers down initially and not just drive straight down. Its one of the best
Roderic 4 great privacy and really good access to the river, very shady which makes it hard to get solar power but makes for very comfortable camping. large-trailer nil Its better than most
anonymous 5 Private
Great setting
Useable flat areas
Clean and tidy
medium-trailer All ok for us
We utilized the larger camping area for convenience
Its better than most
Alison 5 The site was very clean and we thought the idea of a ‘white water’ pit for washing up water was a really good idea. It was so private, shady and with a view of the stream. We could easily walk to the stream and sit next to it to play games or read a book. We even swam in the cold waters (July).
Svargo, thanks for coming by on the first day and showing us the map of where we could walk. We took the walk to the top of the hill that you recommended and it was lovely. The next day we easily walked to Emerald Creek Falls too.
small-tent Nothing could have been improved. Its one of the best
anonymous 4 Very private, plenty of space, pleasant for short walks and relaxing by the stream. swag Suited us well. We use several swags and a gazebo. There was a table and chairs on site. The size was exactly right for us, with the forest fairly snug around our site. Its better than most
Sarah 5 Very private site, long drive in to site, two levels of camping available. Being next to creek was great, lots of birdlife, constant sound of water running through the creek. Very handy to collect water for washing and showering with. Lots of shade from trees and couldn’t wish for a better site. large-tent We are not “compact” campers to say the least and we camped on the lower section. We have a very large tent (10 person) and found enough room to pitch this, although there is a slight slope to the land, but workable. Location of the firepit worked for us. In the upper area, for camping there are many trees which is beautiful and would manage multiple small/medium size tents well. Location of the toilet suited us and private Its the best
Erin 5 Campsite 5 is really lovely. It is shady and cool and very private. The campsite was spacious yet it felt enclosed. We really enjoyed swimming in the creek which was fun and accessible for the kids. Also, we thought the toilet was great as it was comfortable and up high with the tree tops! Once we were there we felt like we did not want to go to any other day areas, we were very happy just to stay at our campsite. The children did not want to leave. medium-tent Our set up was great. We had no difficulty and there was plenty of room. Its one of the best
Phil Harris 5 Well ‘hidden’ site, lots of space for large groups if required. Next to the flowing creek, perfect for cooling down or relaxing in the hammock with a beer! medium-tent Our access day was very wet with heavy rain, the last part of the access driveway was very slippery and even in 4WD our vehicle did start to slide. Perhaps a few loads of stones / gravel on this spot would help in the future?
[OUR COMMENT: a few loads of gravel have been spread over that section]
Its one of the best
Taylor 5 Felt very secluded considering only an hour or so out of Cairns. medium-tent,swag,large-tent,roof-tent,large-trailer Perhaps bins to leave rubbish at start of camping ground.
[OUR COMMENT: we want to encourage people to have minimal rubbish and leave no trace and bins attract wildlife…]
Its one of the best
anonymous 5 Great setting, close enough to the creek to collect water if needed, but far enough away that you didn’t need to worry about the kids jumping in unsupervised.
Nice flat area at the bottom which fitted and suited our three families needs perfectly
roof-tent,large-tent,large-trailer Camp 5 – We used the space at the bottom closest to the creek. It fit our three families perfectly, don’t think we would have fitted a fourth family/vechile comfortably.
Reversing the camper trailer needed some skill – as advised when booking
Improvement? We would have loved a small track directly up the hill to the toilet, but the walk around wasn’t bad.
Its one of the best
Alice 5 Completely private, great setting next to the creek, very helpful to have the table and chairs available, saw some fantastic birds in the morning. Great adventure to find the place and loved that it was only accessible by 4wheel drive, like the rough road. small-tent All good, no difficulties. It’s spacious, pegs went in easily and good flat space to put up tent, enough space for the car. Its the best
Jackson 5 Feels very private like we have the property to ourselves. Beautiful creek area but we needed more time to explore. 4 stars (unable to select star rating on question above). medium-tent We set up next to the top fire pit which seemed to be flatter and more suitable. We had no problems with a party of two. Its better than most
Renee 5 5 stars
Private, shady, large & green with beautiful cool creek
small-tent Well suited Its better than most
Paul Spencer 3 Privacy is good on this site. The area for camping is not bad. One area is near the little creek which would only be suitable for two vehicle setup so to be comfy. The other areas that are marked for camping do need a big tidy up with the landscape as grass was a little long. The area that is available near the toilet would not be suitable for camping due to privacy concerns. The tracks leading to the toilet need to be maintained more.
Nice spot and I would rate this one as the better out of the the sites I looked at for a night out in the bush
medium-tent,medium-camper The site was suited to my setup. I have a 4wd ute with a camper box on the back. Two awnings on side and back for the under awning tent and kitchen. Easy to get into and out. I was on the bottom pad as it was the only nice part of site 5 to camp on. It offered a nice outside area to use while sitting near the fire pit and also some shaded spots under the trees but unfortunately one could not view the creek form here and needed to move down to creek which was a cool spot. Its average
anonymous 4 swag,small-tent We camped at the lower site closest to the river,.this was just right for 3 cars and 6 people. I was surprised the fire place was so close to the bush and grass, usually a fire place is in the centre so people can all sit around it. At the creek there is a big branch/tree(it had the sticker on it) that restricts several seating and table area ., maybe that could be removed to enable more room for extra people if the top grounds had people camped with the group. Therefore everyone could sit there together to enjoy the cooler area and swim. Other wise there is not enough room we only just fit 6 chairs .
The posters are a great idea to have it helps get your bearings to where you are and the other camps.
Its better than most
Display_Name Star Rating Please comment on this particular camp site What camping set_up did your party use? How well was this site suited to your camping set_up? How does this site compare with other camp sites you have been to?