Camp 2

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Camp 2 is our prime glamping site, it is ideally suited for large private parties, weddings or other private events. It is also a very enjoyable site for a small or large family or shared with some friends.
Being on over 7000 square meters under large shady trees, very close to Emerald Creek (see map below) and only a 10 min walk from the magnificent Emerald Falls, this is definitely one of FNQ’s very best camp sites.
It’s 2WD accessible and can easily accommodate a couple of hundred people and dozens of vehicles, camper trailers and/or RVs.
It can be hired as one site or shared with another party.

It features two very large flat areas for camping and activities among big shady trees.
Camp 2A and Camp 2B include a large covered wooden deck each (~70sqm).  These decks are about 80 meters apart.
Both camps have a sink with running water, camp 2A has two toilets and a hand basin, camp 2B has three toilets, a hand basin and three cold showers as well as their own private waterholes in the crystal clear emerald creek.

Size: Very large camp site situated right on the creek and a short ten minute walk from Emerald falls. It has over two acres (8000sqm) of flat ground under big shady trees, two covered wooden decks, five toilets, two grey-water pits, two sinks with running water, two hand basins and three showers.
Camp 2A is ~2500sqm and Camp 2B is about 5000sqm. Camp 2A can accommodate up to 50 people, camp 2B is suitable for over 100 people. Both camps together can easily accommodate over 200 people.

Access: 2WD, large Camper Van, Camper Trailer. Public access road is not suited for caravans.
NOTE: One of our main internal roads is passing between Camp 2 and the creek (going across the top of the image above) and might be used occasionally by one of our farm or management vehicles. Other campers are permitted to walk or ride bicycles along that road.

Occupancy: This site can be booked for less people, but will be charged for a minimum of 5 adults for camp 2A and 8 adults for camp 2B if booked by two parties, or 16 adults for the whole camp 2 site if booked by one party for maximum privacy.
Suggested occupancy up to 50 people and 20 vehicles for camp 2A, 100 people and 50 vehicles for camp 2B, or 250 people and 100 vehicles for both together.

Privacy: well tucked away, ~130m from closest road, ~260m from the public Emerald Falls picnic area and ~300m from closest camp site (all as the crow flies).
One internal road is going between camp and creek, so the occasional farm vehicle may come past or occasionally other campers might walk or bicycle along it.
If only half the site is booked (Camp 2A or Camp 2B), you might have another party at the other A-frame deck, which is ~80 meters away

Activities: Bird watching, Creek-dipping, Swimming at bottom of Falls, Mountain-biking, Hiking, Bush Walking…..

Camp 2 is in our Premium Price Category and you can book the whole site or just one of the two covered wooden platforms.

NOTES: all prices are per person per night.
The base rate includes 5 adults or child equivalents for Camp 2A, 8 for Camp 2B or 16 for both (or 7.5, 12 or 24 adults for long weekends or 10, 16 or 32 adults for Easter)
Click here for more info on pricing (eg fees for children, long weekends, possible discounts etc).
A Bond of $100 or 30% of camping fee will also be charged, which is refundable if Terms and Code of Conduct are adhered to and no littering occurs.


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Camp 2A: FULL

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Camp 2A: FULL

2023-01-01(1 event)

Camp 2A: FULL

Important Note: bookings may not show until paid for. Just because the calendar shows no bookings for a certain date, this does not guarantee availability; we might have received a booking application which is being processed or awaits payment

If you want to book this camp, please fill out our booking form.

More pics: camp2_creek2 camp2_looking-out camp2_mowing

Here are some pictures kindly supplied by campers who used this site:

These are all images taken and kindly supplied to us by campers staying at Camp 02. We thank the photographers 🙂
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And here some feedback kindly given by previous campers at camp 02:

Display_Name Star Rating Please comment on this particular camp site What camping set_up did your party use? How well was this site suited to your camping set_up? How does this site compare with other camp sites you have been to?
Simon 5 Camps 2A & 2B are great as they both have covered wooden decks, toilets and running water, plus they’re right next to some beautiful little spots on the creek. Very private and lots of space to set up camps. large-tent,swag,small-camper,roof-tent,small-tent,medium-tent The site was perfect for our set up needs. Its one of the best
catherine 5 4 star small-tent it was perfect for us Its one of the best
anonymous 5 Didn’t like a 4WD coming through up and down several times past camp on the Friday night (driving in and out, more then twice, back and forth) which was a disturbance to sleeping and didn’t think there was unauthorized vehicles allowed on site? Thought it was privately rented for us, yet someone was driving their car back and forth in the middle of the night. The girls were quiet shocked! On the Saturday night (by the girls, I mean luckily the facilitators who were only there on the Friday night, and this not happen to us on the Saturday night when had attendees!!!!)
There was also 4 mountain bikers who came through the site on Sunday !! We were shocked again and thought we had the site to ourselves yet these bikers came through. Wasn’t happy with it not being entirely private, for such women’s events and anyway – just in general. It’s a paid site – they don’t have right to use it we thought? Shame. Would like not to happen again in case of car or bikers!
Feedback also, is that simply look forward to when the water is connected at the toilets. That’d be fantastic!
[OUR COMMENT: if you see a vehicle or person you believe should not be there, please contact us with rego, car make / colour, name, time and day (the more info the better). Camp 2 can have walkers or bikes come past, unless we agree in writing to stop anyone else coming through. Water is connected now]
swag,small-tent,medium-tent,large-tent,small-camper None. All suitable 🙂 Its the best
Patrick 5 Great for the wet season swag,small-tent none Its the best
anonymous 5 The privacy meant you felt you were all alone. It was so quiet and peaceful. The acces to the creek was so easy. Loved all of the big trees everywhere. small-tent,medium-tent,swag The large shelter was our saviour in the rain. It kept everyone dry. No improvements needed. Its the best
Kylie 5 We loved the creek! It was great to have the deck and the firepit. The site works perfectly for a group to spread out their tents and come together round the fire and under the deck. We enjoyed walking up to the falls for a swim as well.
We were thankful that site 2B was not booked so we had all the privacy we needed. It may have changed our experience a little if it was booked with a group in there.
swag,small-tent,medium-tent,small-camper We had no issues with the site. Its one of the best
anonymous 5 Gorgeous space, great for large groups. Good to have the shelter for protection if it rains. Close to Emerald Creek falls walk and beautiful riverside space. large-trailer,roof-tent,medium-tent Perfect Its one of the best
Vee 5 Very easy access, lots of trees around for shade, close access to the creek for swimming, close to Emerald Falls, huge area, booked both camp 2a & b but only used 2b. swag,small-tent,medium-trailer Perfect to suit the many different styles different members of the group had. Its better than most
Jodie 5 We stayed on 2B. The camp site is huge and the shed was a life saver with a bit of rain threatening and storms about. There were other people on 2A but they were still far enough away that we didn’t see each other at all. medium-tent Again, site was well maintained and nice and clean. We were suppose to say at camp 5 which looked amazing as well but with the weather and storms looming, 2B was better suited for us only having a tent the shed provided us better protection. Its one of the best
Chris 5 Great spot. Close to the creek and perfect for a swim to cool down. We utilised the decked shady area, this was an awesome feature. Large camp area and plenty of shade for the middle of the day. small-trailer,medium-tent Possibly a handrail for the steps down from the decked area. Its better than most
Sherry 5 The shelter was awesome. The site was clean. It was private. It was close to the falls. large-trailer Perfect for our camp site Its one of the best
anonymous 5 This is an awesomely spacious campsite with 2 shelters that were perfect for our camp as we had 33 people. Loads of space for everyone. small-tent,medium-tent,large-tent For us running an event here was challenging due to having to bring in all of the kitchen equipment. A basic bush good sized kitchen set up that could accomodate caterers would make this space so much more attractive to people hosting events.
We also had on 2 different occasions other groups of people drive into our space and this was not good considering the type of event we were running. One of the cars had three men in it claiming that they had done work for Svargo and they were just checking on the space. Luckily they came in just one hour after our participants had left but still quite disturbing. The gate was closed at the time of entry also.
We also had to push the poo down in the toilets… which we hoped did not need to be done. So for large groups another toilet would be great.
[OUR COMMENT: there is a sink with running water now. Please record and report any trespassers, they will be charged no matter what excuse they give]
Its the best
anonymous 5 Private site, gorgeous surroundings, feel comfortable, beautiful location. small-camper,small-tent,medium-tent It was fantastic. Had two sheds which was perfect for what we wanted. Its one of the best
Jasmine 5 So private, absolutely beautiful surroundings and a calm feel swag The only thing was about the fire place when it rained the fire pit was like a raging river. But other than that it was amazing Its the best
anonymous 5 Can’t fault a thing about this site however a tap would have been a luxury but was not essential small-tent,medium-tent,large-tent,small-camper,small-trailer A tap would have been great Its one of the best
Lynsey 5 Private and intimate camp whilst able to accommodate a large group. swag,medium-tent We all found the site perfect for our needs. Its one of the best
anonymous 5 10 out 10 for the campsite 2 as easy access for all types of vehicles and camping styles
setting was great close to running clean fresh water, felt secluded and quite other than our noise – no one else to compete with for space etc other than your own camping group – that was the best thing about camping at emerald escape and I assume it is the same at all other camp sites.
swag,medium-tent,roof-tent,medium-camper,large-tent no problems what so ever encountered with this camp site Its one of the best
anonymous 5 5 Star- Private, child friendly, beautiful creek. medium-tent Well set up Its one of the best
Yvonne 5 Our campsite(2) was large and flat, perfect for a few families with quick access to the river and a fantastic shed for our kitchen area. The pit latrine was clean and spider-free which was a huge bonus. We had nightly visits from a bandicoot and spotted quoll which was great too. Our children spent hours playing in the river. medium-tent Earlier check-in would be fantastic but otherwise everything else was perfect. Its better than most
Maree 5 Very private, well maintained large-tent,medium-tent It suited us perfectly. So private and tranquil!! Its one of the best
Rebecca 4 See above comment box.
Camp two was great. Was very spacious! Privacy was good. We could hear the cars going to and from emerald creek falls but could not see any. The lights set up on the A-frame were great and extremely useful.
small-tent,roof-tent,medium-tent Everything was really great. No improvements needed. Its one of the best
Brooke 5 small-tent There was no difficulties with site set-up Its one of the best
Display_Name Star Rating Please comment on this particular camp site What camping set_up did your party use? How well was this site suited to your camping set_up? How does this site compare with other camp sites you have been to?