What other campers said

We thought you might be interested to hear what others have said about their experience at Emerald Escape Camping.
Which is why we created a feedback survey we ask all campers to please fill out after they leave our property.
Lot of thanks to those campers who have been kind enough to do so, and we hope it gives you a bit more of an idea about camping with us.
We also ask everyone to share their pictures and at the bottom of this page you can find those.

Display_Name Please rate your overall camping experience at Emerald Escape Camping compared to other places Please comment on our property as a whole How would you comment on our customer service How did you find our toilets? How would you judge our prices?
Rebecca Better than most Property was well kept. The A-frame was very useful and made our camping experience more comfortable. The toilet was clean and well maintained (not stinky at all). It was great having the extra chairs provided at the site as some of us did not have camping chairs. The day use area at the lake was incredible and the use of kayaks and kite boards was very thoughtful and enhanced our experience! Really happy with responds times of emails and friendly nature of Svargo’s emails. The toilet was a nice experience. It was clean and pleasant to use. We had no complaints about the toilet. The lime really worked to kill the smell. Good value for money
Paul Spencer Less than average The property is nicely situated close to Cairns offering the real Bush Camping Experience. Located between Davies Creek and Emerald Falls is great for those who can hike to the waters of these two beautiful places.
Emerald Escape does offer privacy which one would not get at other places but does comes at a price. The area is dry but does have a few dams and a creek which are not good for swimming unfortunately.
I only had two problems with your Customer Service in having to remind you to return my deposit.
Plus I was accused of using timber in the fire pit larger than the pit itself. I only burnt wood that was bought in a 25kg bag bought from Bunnings plus the left over wood left in the pit. I would recommend to all Campers to take a picture of the site as one leaves it for proof. When I did mention this to you guys about the Timber I burnt I received no response. Left a sour taste !!!
Otherwise all other communication was excellent.
I have made response to the toilets above for the Ladies. Way too expensive

OUR CLARIFICATION & COMMENT: Paul never reminded us about deposit, we had to remind him to supply his account details.
There were large chunks of charcoal outside of the fire circle and we did respond extensively to all his complaints.
We are very sorry Paul that you did not enjoy your stay and saw everything so negative, seems we can’t please them all.
We are glad to know that everyone else had and has a great time.

ichael Better than most Lots of space privacy and tranquility. All good. The proverbial aussie dunny. But not smelly with an awesome view. Good value for money
Elyse Fitzpatrick Better than most Absolutely loved it. It was clean, spacious and very private. Camp 6 was awesome. We had a view of a storm rolling in, trees to hang the hammock in and lots of wood for the fire. Maybe a couple of branches could be cleared to increase the view but its the bush so that barely registered as an issue. The loo with a view was clean. The picnic creek was beautiful water to swim in aswell. Looking forward to trying some of the other camp sites out. It depends what you look for in a camp site but we love the bush, so this was perfect! Super fast, very polite and very informative. A++ All of those things. Well supplied with lime and sawdust. Clean, easy to use and definitely unique. We had a loo with a view and it was great. Good value for money
Renee Better than most Expansive but accessible, rolling hills to cool clear creeks Excellent Clean, easy to use, & in a building style that suits the surrounds A fair price
anonymous Better than most Great place to unwind and relax. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would recommend it to others. Excellent All 3 above Good value for money
Angie & Phil Better than most Just what we have been looking for, 5000 peaceful acres and only 50km from where we live in Redlynch! We found ourselves whispering in the campsite as it was incredibly quite with just birdsong in the background. Excellent communication, very clear and detailed website, prompt and efficient booking experience. Unique idea with the wheelie bin container, ours looked a little bit ‘full’ and there could possibly be a bit more distance between the seat and the ‘product’ as with a traditional long drop toilet setup… Good value for money
Maree Better than most What a naturally beautiful campground. We spent four nights here as a large family group and had an absolute ball. The roof top A frame was a saviour to avoiding the rain. The creek, the walks, and the positive attitude if the owners were all bonuses!! Even the bush loo was well manitained! Thanks so much for all of your hard work.. it shows!! Oh.. amd we saw a quoll too!! 5 stars! Excellent! A fair price
Yvonne Better than most It is a beautiful place with abundant birdlife, spotted quoll and bandicoots. The river was bracingly cold but crystal clear and very picturesque. We enjoyed the walk up to the falls as well as the drive and walk at the large dam. Great! Clean, easy to use and definitely unique! Good value for money
Paul Better than most Peaceful
Fantastic Good.. A fair price
anonymous Better than most Lovely property with heaps of things of to do close by Responsive to enquires Okay and easy to use A fair price
anonymous The best I ever had It was very clean and the undercover area was great too very good unique – easy to use but were wondering how long it takes to fill up (jokes only don’t really want to know but I am guessing it is changed after each camping session) A fair price
Bernadette Better than most Beautiful property, well maintained (but also left wild), and grateful to be allowed to share it. Prompt response, easy to communicate, well thought out and planned service. Best toilets ever. A fair price
Stephanie Average Beautiful Excellent Clean
Easy to use
Not smelly
A fair price
Nigel Average Great property, excellent privacy and very accessible from Cairns. Plenty of opportunities for bird-watching, hiking, campfires, and solitude. Excellent – very responsive and clear communication. Clean and easy to use – Great views into nature when using. A fair price
Karin Better than most Fantastic property. You can see all the work that has gone into making this a great camping spot. It was very private and peaceful. Great to explore as well. Very responsive and easy to communicate with. Loo with a view! Good setup. Good value for money
Jackson Better than most Very nice property. Good use of space to separate camp sites to give feeling of privacy and not overcrowd. Easy to navigate within property due to good signage and directions in the booking email. My experience was very good. We booked last-minute (the same day) and Svargo was very helpful and went out of his way to make our booking immediately. Very good considering the type. They were clean and did not smell, although we only stayed one night with two people. I noticed some of the sites capable of hosting very large groups (up to 150) also only have one toilet which could be a problem Good value for money
Caitlin Better than most We absolutely loved the property. We stayed at camp site 6 and it was perfect size for a couple to have a weekend getaway.
We loved the level of privacy and can’t wait to come back and try out the other campsites.
Replies to emails were always prompt.
Instructions and expectations were clear from the beginning.
Very professional.
Easy and clean. (Although there was a paper wasp nest in ours!)
OUR COMMENT: Thanks, its gone now
A fair price
Alice Better than most Beautiful surrounding, good route description, clear signs, fantastic! Very good. Nice to have a text reminder about the race going on on Friday. Well remembered that it was our preference to be in a peaceful area. Perfect, clean, easy to use. A fair price
anonymous Better than most Outstanding customer service!!! A bit rough on the edges for younger children but otherwise good. Liked the clear instructions. A fair price
Lynsey Better than most Camped at camp 2. Great spot with easy access to a beautiful creek amd amazing under cover areas.
The falls were easy to access from this site.
Quick respinse to emails and rext messages. Thanks Very clean and not smelly!
Instructions of use were easy to understand
A fair price
Bev Better than most The property is mindfully maintained natural bushland.
Camp sites have been set up with minimal impact on the surroundings.
Entry roads are well maintained.
Directional signage is good and the camping guidelines are clear and precise.
I feel the property displays that a great deal of forethought went into how campers would impact on the natural environment. The collection and reuse of toilet waste indicates sensitivity to the nearby water source and thoughtful reuse of an unavoidable human by-product.
Email response friendly, rapid and concise.
Access and directions to camp sites comprehensive and clear.
Definitely unique, I was expecting a pit in the ground!
The sensitivity of collection so close to a water course is well thought out, and the concept of composting the waste for use on a separate part of the property demonstrates responsible care for the environment, and business sense.
Cheap for what is offered
Taylor The best I ever had Beautiful, relaxing camping ground that suited up to 20 guests. The stunning creek running behind camp 5 was a great cool off area to enjoy. Will definitely recommend to anyone wanting a relaxing getaway. Excellent Unique Good value for money
anonymous Better than most Very well organised good signage, good controls such as noise prevention and pollution prevention. really great thankyou Toilets were excellent, very clean. A fair price
James Average Very nice and remote Awesome No dramas all good Good value for money
anonymous Better than most We enjoyed our stay and look forward to trying out some of your other campsites see you soon Staff have been helpful Good A fair price
carl natton Better than most Easy to navigate around, plenty of concise clear signs. well maintained facilities. Site 3 had a good sized level camping spot next to the dam. Good privacy, only noticed one vehicle passing by on the track above the camp site. Excellent night skies unpolluted by artificial light, even spotted a satellite. First class. no problems A fair price
anonymous Average The property was beautiful and very private. We didn’t see anybody during our 30 hour stay. Very quick to respond to emails!!! Ick… used our own. Too many flies
OUR COMMENT: you might not have even looked, our toilets do not have flies, see the many other comments
Way too expensive
Phil Harris The best I ever had Fantastic get-away for a few days, only 50 kms drive from Cairns CBD. Really like the fact that the sites are very well spaced from each other, don’t even know anyone else is around! Very good communications with email and sms see above message Good value for money
anonymous Better than most Perfect very quick response and very helpful Clean and easy to use a tap would have been great but ‘hey we are camping so not that big of a deal’ Rather pricey
Photos taken around our property or at the falls by our visitors. Thanks to the happy campers who shared them with all of us.