Camp 1

       This site is located on the side of our 20 acre lake nestled back in the trees to provide a private lake side experience. It is a great location to watch the sun rise over the lake and enjoy the pleasantly warm water temperatures all year round.

Being by the water it is home to many beautiful water birds from around the area including but not limited to: ‘Franklin’ the Pelican, Ducks, Sarus Cranes, Brolgas, Jacanas, Herons, Egrets, and Kingfishers.

Size: Large sized camp site situated right on our 20 acre lake. It has one large (~100sqm) area and three smaller areas with level ground for camping, as well as a nice levelled area to spend the day by the water.
Area A in above map is suitable for camper trailers or roof top tents, but good reversing skills are required to turn around. Only very experienced drivers could also reverse a camping trailer into B (~4×5 meters) or C

Access: 2WD, Camper Van, Camper Trailer(good reversing skills required).

Occupancy: This site can be booked for less, but will be charged for a minimum of 4 adults.
Suggested occupancy up to 12 people and 5 vehicles.

Privacy: not easily seen from day-area and well hidden from the road, ~100m from closest road, ~280m across the lake from the day area and ~400m from closest camp site (all as the crow flies)

Activities: Bird watching, Canoeing, Swimming, Bush Walking…..

Camp 1 is in our Medium Price Category

NOTES: all prices are per person per night.

The base rate includes 4 adults or child equivalents (or 6 adults for long weekends or 8 adults for Easter)
Click here for more info on pricing (eg fees for children, long weekends, possible discounts etc).
A Bond of $100 or 30% of camping fee will also be charged, which is refundable if Terms and Code of Conduct are adhered to and no littering occurs.


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view of lake from day-area
view of lake from lake-side area at camp 1

Here are some pictures kindly supplied by campers who used this site:

Visitor's photos of and around Camp 01. A big THANKS to the photographers 🙂

And here some feedback from previous campers at Camp 01 who kindly shared their experience:

Display_Name What Star Rating do you give this particular camp site? Please comment on this particular camp site What camping set_up did your party use? How well was this site suited to your camping set_up? How would you compare this camp site with other camp sites you have been to?
Brenton 5 5 stars for everything, the dam was really close but our site was just far enough away to be private, the setting out was great, the temperature was very warm as to be expected for the area but the breeze helped with that and we brought our own extra shade. medium-tent This was fantastic the owners were great with communicating with us. 2_one-of-best
John 5 Good view of the lake medium-tent Perfect 1_best
John 5 Completely private. Great outlook. small-camper Fine 3_better-than-most
Bryce Purden 4 Site was clean, quiet and close to the lake. Parking trailers could be an issue but we had no trouble. Not a lot spots of flat ground but it was better than we expected. medium-trailer It was great for 2 camper-trailers. Any more would struggle with manouvering.
[OUR COMMENT: we have doubled the size of this site]
Brian 3 Very good setting, peaceful most of time. Some noise at night from campers at Day use area on other side of lake Saturday night. medium-tent This site was suitable for our set up. We had three tents and three vehicles.
We had no major difficulties.
Tammie 1 Overall we loved the proximity to the large lake which we all spend hours kayaking on and it felt to a large extent like having a private lake to ourselves for most of the time. Having a long drop loo in camp was very handy. The only negative was that the campsite looked across at the day visitors area, which detracted a little from what is otherwise a complete wilderness vibe. Good cleared areas that handled our party of two families, well spaced apart. large-tent,medium-tent,small-tent NA 1_best
anonymous 4 Very private site, felt like we had the entire place to ourselves. A tranquil setting with beautiful lakeside camping. Plenty of different sites to choose from within site 1 each with a slightly different aspect and feel. Great to be able to have a fire and a massive bonus to be able to use some wood from the property. medium-tent No difficulties experienced 3_better-than-most
anonymous 3 We found this site a little squishy….
Our group had a large setup, but we also weren’t able to utilise two areas due to 2 active ants nests (they were big ants too haha). Don’t worry, we didn’t kill them. Aside from that, the area was nice. If I could improve anything about this particular site, it would be to add a little jetty/ramp so you can fish or swim off it, and make it easier to collect clean water (skimming a bucket along the bank results in gross water haha).
medium-tent,roof-tent,medium-trailer As with most camping groups, we always setup a central marquee. We weren’t able to use the full area above the fire pit due to 2 active ants nests. Would be great if you could somehow deter ants from building nests in the area? Although I disagreed, a few of the other campers said the middle section that houses the grey water pit should be cleared of vegetation to make more space. [OUR COMMENT: we have doubled the size of this site] 2_one-of-best
anonymous 5 Its privacy and cleanliness. Beautiful water lilies medium-tent Good 3_better-than-most
Stephanie 5 5 star
So private
Beautiful dam
small-tent,medium-tent Perfect 2_one-of-best
anonymous 5 Very private, quiet, clean, lovely setting, and felt as though we were camping in a remote area even though civilisation was not far away. small-tent,medium-tent,small-trailer,medium-trailer An earlier check-in before 3pm would have been better, because it took us some time to set up camp and we were rushing to complete it before dark. Also, a bit tight with all our vehicles, camper trailers and tents, but that was our doing and we managed – a smaller group would fit comfortably.
[OUR COMMENT: we now allow 2pm check-in]