Camp 7

One of our new sites, Camp 7 is our largest site in the hills with stunning views for miles and miles past our 25 acre lake and equally beatiful vistas onto the mountains behind. If you want to leave all your worries behind and  feel on top of the world for a while, this is the site to choose.

Camp 7 Layout

Size: Large sized camp site (~750 sqm flat ground) is situated on a long ridge in the escarpment.
Area A (160 sqm) in above map is the highest level with a large cut as a background
Area B (380 sqm) is the largest and has the best views.
Areas C (50 sqm), D (60 sqm) and E (90 sqm) are additional smaller level areas

Access: very steep gradients, 4WD only, short and high clearance caravans, short or high clearance camper trailers (good reversing skills required).

Occupancy: Basic fee covers 4 adults.
Suggested occupancy is up to 30 people and 8 vehicles.

Privacy: probably our most private site, ~600m from closest road, ~850m from closest camp site (all as the crow flies)

Activities: Bird watching, Canoeing, Swimming, Bush Walking…..

Camp 7 is in our Medium Price Category

NOTES: all prices are per person per night.
The base rate includes 4 adults or child equivalents (or 6 adults for long weekends or 8 adults for Easter)
Click here for more info on pricing (eg fees for children, long weekends, possible discounts etc).
A Bond of $100 or 30% of camping fee will also be charged, which is refundable if Terms and Code of Conduct are adhered to and no littering occurs.


November 2020
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Important Note: Just because the calendar shows no bookings for a certain date, this does not guarantee availability; we might have just received a booking application which awaits processing or payment.

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