Camp 14

One of our new sites, Camp 14 is located at a beautiful little billabong which still has water in it now, in early December after over six month without any rain. This site is only a short 300 meter walk from the big lake, yet totally hidden. The seasonal creek feeding the billabong flows for about six month of the year.
This is our most flexible site, offering a cosy and shady spot overlooking the picturesque billabong, but able to be expanded onto nearly an acre of flat ground , surrounded by the seasonal creek.

Size: Large camp site with over 500 square meters of level ground.
An additional 3000 square meters could be made available as the site is on a large old river flat, surrounded by a seasonal creek on three sides

Access: 2WD, medium RV, medium caravans and large trailers

Occupancy: Basic fee includes 2 adults.
Suggested occupancy up to 30 people and 12 vehicles.

Privacy: ~100m from closest road and well hidden, ~220m from closest camp site (all as the crow flies)

Camp 14 is in our Medium Price Category

NOTES: all prices are per person per night.
The base rate includes 2 adults or child equivalents (or 3 adults for long weekends or 4 adults for Easter)

Click here for more info on pricing (eg fees for children, long weekends, possible discounts etc).
A Bond of $100 or 30% of camping fee will also be charged, which is refundable if Terms and Code of Conduct are adhered to and no littering occurs.


October 2021
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Camp 14: full

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Camp 14: FULL


Camp 14: FULL


Camp 14: FULL


Camp 14: FULL


Camp 14: FULL

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Here are some pictures kindly supplied by campers who used this site:

Visitor's photos of and around Camp 14. A big THANKS to the avid photographers 🙂

And here some feedback from previous campers at Camp 14 who kindly shared their experience:

Display_Name What Star Rating do you give this particular camp site? Please comment on this particular camp site What camping set_up did your party use? How well was this site suited to your camping set_up? How would you compare this camp site with other camp sites you have been to?
Elyse 5 At first I thought it would have more mozzies with the little oasis but it really didn’t. It was a lovely camp site and I’d definitely book it again. roof-tent Perfect! 4_average